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House Rules

Spanish Decree-Law 1/2020, of 17 January, against booze tourism to improve quality in tourist destinations (Butlletí Oficial de les Illes Balears n. 10, 23-01-2020)

The General Management Department of Houm Hotels & Villas informs you that guests are not permitted to engage in activities that may endanger their life, health or physical well-being at this establishment. Such activities include passing from one balcony or window to another, jumping or throwing oneself from unsuitable locations into swimming pools, onto the ground or anywhere else.

Any guests engaging in such dangerous activities will be immediately removed from the premises by management, with support from security and the police if necessary. Furthermore, committing a serious offence under Article 14 b) of Spanish Decree-Law 1/2020 will result in a fine of between 6,001 and 60,000 euros from the competent authority.

We also inform you that taking any food and drink supplied on the premises outside, whether alcoholic or not, is strictly prohibited.

Protection and Safety

The protection and security is the joint responsibility of all parties. If you observe a dangerous or illegal behaviour during your stay, please inform immediately the security staff or the supervisors of the hotel dialling number 9 or asking for help to the hotel’s staff. 

1.1. Drugs and other illegal substances

The use or possession of drugs and other substances is regulated by local and international laws. Those guests who break those laws will be subject to immediate arrest and to prosecution by the competent courts and they may be expelled from the establishment. 

1.2. Weapons, explosives or other dangerous items

Weapons, explosives or any other dangerous objects that pose a health risk to our guests or to the hotel are totally forbidden. Those objects will be requisitioned and the necessary measures will be taken. 

1.3. Inappropriate or abusive behavior

Inappropriate or abusive behaviour, harassment, vandalism, robbery, violence, use of false identity documents, consumption of alcohol drinks by under aged, offering of alcohol drinks to under age and possession of illegal substances or items are forbidden.

1.4. Guests' interaction with the Hotels's Staff

No offensive or abusive language towards anyone, including the guests and the hotel’s staff, is allowed in the hotel. 

Guests are not allowed to enter any of the restricted areas or any of the areas for exclusive use of the staff.

1.5. Rest

The use of music players is not allowed in the entire establishment. Likewise, please respect other guests’ rest avoiding loud conversations or singing, specially from 22pm to 9am. 

1.6. Responsibility of parents and guardians

In compliance with the provisions of these regulations, a minor is defined as any person under 18. Parents and guardians are responsible of the adequate supervision of minors during their holidays. This responsibility is applicable at all times, no matter if parents or guardians are physically accompanying the minors. 

1.7. Alcoholic drinks

Guests are responsible of their actions at all times. The excessive consumption of alcohol drinks affects the reasoning capacity and reduces the ability to identify and avoid dangerous situations. Those guests who want to consume alcohol drinks shall do it in a responsible manner. Thus, the consumption of alcohol in the guests’s rooms will be restricted when necessary. 

It is totally forbidden to enter the hotel in a state of alcohol intoxication.

The staff of the hotel reserves its right to deny care to a guest in a state of alcohol intoxication, and where necessary, to expel him with the aid of the competent authorities.

The minimum age for the consumption of any alcohol drink is 18 years.

1.8. Tobacco

In compliance with the provisions of the Law 42/2010 of the 30th of December, which modifies the Law 28/2005 of the 26th of December, regarding the sanitary measures of smoking and the selling, consumption and advertising of tobacco, smoking is totally forbidden in the Houm Plaza Son Rigo, except in signaled smoking areas.

To ensure our guests’ comfort, all our rooms are non-smoking rooms. Our guests will be able to smoke in the balconies of the room and will throw away the rests of tobacco. Guests must be at least 18 to buy, possess, or consume tobacco.

Behavior in the swimming pool areas

  • Deck chairs and hammocks in the pool area cannot be booked. 
  • The consumption of drinks or food bought outside the installations is not allowed. 
  • The consumption of glass bottle drinks in the pool area is not allowed for security reasons. 
  • The use of balls or other elements that may disturb other guests is not allowed in the swimming pool. 
  • The use of loud music players or radios is not allowed.

Behavior in the dining areas

It is not allowed to: 

  • Access the dining room with bathing suites, slippers or sleeveless T-shirts. 
  • Take out drinks or food outside the dining area. 
  • Serve alcohol drinks to minors.

Behavior in the rooms

The moving of furniture, decoration elements or facilities of the room is not allowed. 

It is not allowed to sit on or climb the outdoor handrails, terraces or any other protective element. The modification of the equipment designed for our guests’ safety is not allowed. 

The practice of “Balconing” is totally forbidden and it will be penalised according to the measures described in the section “Consequences”

Fire extinguishers and emergency exits may be used exclusively in fire emergencies. 

Guests shall not access any restricted area or any area for exclusive use of the staff. 

No dangerous behaviour or the infringement of the security measures is allowed.


To act against these measures will have the following consequences: 

  • Intervention of the security staff, the tour operator staff, the managing staff or the police services. 
  • Payment by the guests of any damage they may have caused to the facilities in order to repair the damage done.
  • Requisition of illegal or forbidden items (which may be handed in to the police authorities). 
  • Expulsion from the establishment and refusal of future reservations. 
  • Report of the incidents to the police authorities so that they may proceed with the legal actions. 
  • Expulsion from the establishment for the following hours. Those guests expelled will be responsible of the accommodation and transfer expenses. The documents required to return to the country of origin will also be responsibility of the guests. 

The establishment of a guests’ behaviour policy is a guarantee for all our guests to enjoy a safe and fabulous experience during their holidays. 

Thanks for respecting these norms! We hope you enjoy the best holiday you have ever had. 

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