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Sports in Playa de Palma

Kite Surf

Sun, 18ºC, 5km of white sand and sea, wide promenade and pure air. Perfect setting to practice your favorite sport.

In Playa de Palma we take all these features to heart during spring and autumn. That is why we have become an international reference on many sports practices, be it amateur or professional. Some examples:


Running: many adepts add up each season. “My sneakers, my music and I”, that is all you need to run. We give you the scenery: Playa de Palma.


Water sports: our bay is famous for its many national and international competitions, with excellent sailing conditions for ships or boards, alone or with a team. The scenery is amazing, the Mediterranean Sea is crystalline, the wind is playful and whimsical, and the waves and sailors’ best friends. For more information on water sports: Club Náutico Arenal, Club Náutico Can Pastilla or El Niño Surf.

Tennis: Rafa Nadal put Mallorca on the map of world tennis, and lots of children and adults enjoy this sport on their free time. We have a partner with tennis, paddle and football courts. You can also book a guided lesson and rent material. You just have to worry about having a great time with your family!


Functional training: adrenaline, effort, personal improvement, companionship, family… many reasons make thousands of people every day to practice this sport. You use your own body weight to train, create a team that will stay with you on each exercise, use the sand as extra resistance… what’s not to love about this kind of training?

For more information on Crossfit sessions at the beach or at a local Box, you can contact our partner “True Love Crossfit”. You may also use the hotel’s own gym material and pre-set daily routines on functional training and weightlifting.

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