Houm ervaringen

We laten je de meest authentieke Mallorca zien

Houm® Beginnings (en)

Vista aerea antigua

A new season starts, and with it the illusion of each year. A renewed illusion mixed with the rush to get everything ready for our athletes, our families, for the couples who choose us to spend some holidays in our Aparthotel. Everything is ready for them to be fully satisfied, to feel like a part of our family.

Emilio en el Bar

Enthusiasm for the relaunch of this fine-tuned engine of a project, a showcase of over 50 years of experience in the hospitality sector; a project that has its continuity with a promising generational change.

Illusion of each of the staff members who work in Houm Plaza Son Rigo to welcome all repeating guests who, year after year, choose us to spend their holiday in Mallorca. To receive new customers who decided for the first time to visit our resort in Playa de Palma. Illusion to create experiences for them, to make them remember their holidays as a great time of year. Definitely, enthusiasm to live each moment is 2015 season offers us.

All this illusion is the accumulated emotion after a winter of hard work in Houm Plaza Son Rigo, during which we renovated our facilities, with new details of decoration, technological innovations, renovated rooms on the fourth floor overlooking the sea and new bathrooms in studios of the same floor; renumbering of the rooms with much more visible and clear signage to make it easier to reach every corner of our fantastic Aparthotel. We also show our commitment to young artists of the island, exposing some of their artworks at the reception and apartments; new mattresses on the beds and sofas around the establishment; collaborations with local companies committed to recycling, creating fantastic designs to show our amenities in each room from cut tree trunks; commitment to a new decor in Houm Villas, enjoyed by our guests last year, and preparations of new Houm Villas for this 2015; online quality surveys... These are some examples of innovations for the 2015 season.

Cuadro panorámico Recepción

Our guests. We remember with particular fondness a family who visited us last season; on their departure we were gifted with a satisfaction survey full of indications to meet the needs of people with some kind of physical disability. For them and for all our guests we renovated  the bathrooms at the snack-bar, including one for disabled guests.

For our guests and because of our guests we are what we are and do what we do, hoping that this year they, you, also feel... Just like Houm®

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