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Let us show you the most authentic Mallorca



Although the pandemic and the passing of time have diminished the presence of the Easter Week processions, the streets of Palma still close to let the floats of the churches, Christian images and brotherhoods walk through the city. Penitences, "caperutxos" and candles have just been used to brighten up the afternoons and evenings of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

Meanwhile, in the daytime, the kitchens are smoking, and not only because of the cookers, but also because of the frenetic activity we find in them. The bakeries in the villages make specialities for the laziest or for those who don't want to risk going without food because of a bad morning. Families compete in healthy competition to see who can make the best empanadas, robiols or crespells. The most innovative try new filling ingredients or new flours for the dough. Vegetarians, coeliacs and diabetics. In the end, everyone has their place to continue celebrating, while the more traditional ones continue to opt for fish pies for Holy Thursday and Good Friday and meat pies for the other days. 

That first bite, that smell that permeates the whole house, that bite after a year of waiting (we ourselves do not know how to answer when visitors ask us "But, if they are so good and you have such a good time cooking and with the family, why do you only do it once a year?... we look at each other, shrug our shoulders and continue eating and laughing) permeates our palate and we finish the party with the robiols of a thousand flavours and the crespell of a thousand sizes that fill the whole table.

The imperfections in the preparation are the ones we like the most, because that lets us know that it has been made by the family, that behind each groove or sticking of dough so that the "suquet" does not come out, there are hands close to us that have made it with love.

The most immersive tradition and culture. 

If you ever have the opportunity to make empanadas with a Mallorcan family, we would like to warn you: never forget to put the pea on the empanada when the filling contains peas... SPOILER: it can trigger a big (and funny) discussion.

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