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Wir zeigen Ihnen das authentischste Mallorca

The Mediterranean


The Mediterranean Sea is a sea that caresses numerous countries in Europe, Asia and Africa, and has been cradle and witness of the evolution of the civilizations of Egyptians, Phoenicians, Hebrews, Greeks, Carthaginians and Romans in past eras. It is currently considered one of the ecosystems with the highest concentration of biodiversity on the planet, with a large number of protected species such as Posidonia oceanica, a seagrass home to a large number of animal organisms and a protector of coastlines.

But what is the Mediterranean Sea to us? To us, it is a symbol of a Mediterranean culture where the smell of the sea and the warm temperatures mark our pace of life. It is calm and at the same time it is a storm. It is walks on the beach and games with the wind. It is sun and heat, reddish sunsets and blue days. It is crystal clear water. It is fun. It is identity: as the great Joan Manuel Serrat said: "I was born in the Mediterranean", and we cannot spend long periods without seeing the Sea. It is a world-recommended diet: olive oil, vegetables, citrus fruits, legumes, fish and meat. It is so many things!

And for you? What is the Mediterranean Sea to you? It may be holidays, white sand, walks along the shore, cooling off and getting back to sun-toasting, a source of vitamin D and joy, a setting for many memories and photos, wanting to come back, wanting to come or wanting to get acquainted with. The beach and main scenery of your holidays in Mallorca, the place to have fun with your family and friends or connect with yourself, the ground to practice your favorite sport (surfing, windsurfing, paddle surfing, light sailing, running, beach volleyball, yoga?). One thing we can assure you of: waking up every day with a view of the sea is an indescribable sensation that can only be understood if you experience it.

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