Houm Erfahrungen

Wir zeigen Ihnen das authentischste Mallorca



Sóller is situated in a valley surrounded by mountains. This provides ideal conditions for growing citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons. Walking through the streets and crossing the main road we can see the plantations of private houses that take advantage of every square meter to enjoy these trees that bear fruit twice a year. The area of "L'Horta" gives off all the smells and colors that transport us directly to the local kitchens. And in May, we find the "Fira de la Taronja" (fair of the orange) where we can find all kinds of products, essences and food based on oranges.


And, in May we find one of the most popular and heartfelt fairs of the town. The "Battle of Moors and Christians". A re-enactment of the battle of 1561 when muslims disembarked in the Port of Sóller and advanced to the square, where local women played an important role in the victory of the christian population. After the end of the battle, everyone comes together to sing the traditional song of "La Balanguera" and both sides spend the night singing and being good neighbors again. 

Hundreds of people dress up in typical Mallorcan wear, and hundreds of other people dress up as Moorish pirates. A spectacle full of colour, noise, fireworks and music that goes on until the early hours of the morning. 

Do you want to know more? Don't hesitate to ask the locals about "les valentes dones" (the brave women); they will tell you incredible stories. The highlight of the festival is the proclamation of "La Valenta Dona", chosen year after year from among the young women of the village.

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