Houm Erfahrungen

Wir zeigen Ihnen das authentischste Mallorca



Carnival offers us a weekend full of spectacles all over the island. Each town and some neighbourhoods organise their own parade where children and adults, families and friends get together in groups, troupes, floats, and the most daring in couples or individually, showing off the costumes they have lovingly made. The most acid social and political criticism and the bet for the most trendy themes draw the pace of the event. 

Sunday, the day of the big "Rua", arrives. In Palma you can see the biggest and funniest troupes and floats and the groups from many towns that have paraded in previous days move to "Ciutat"(the main city) to put the final touch to the weekend of fun. 


Another municipality that celebrates the Carnival festivities in style is Marratxí, the third most populated municipality in Mallorca after Palma and Calvià. A municipality full of neighbourhoods and history and with a great pottery culture and tradition. Marratxí, Terra de Fang, also celebrates its "Fira del Fang" (clay fair) in March. Pots and pans, plates, cups, trays, pots, decorative items and, of course, the famous "siurells". All this and much more can be found at this fair. Without a doubt, a great local immersion experience where you can find that piece you've been missing in your kitchen or that item that fits so well in your home. From March 5th to 12th, this year we won't miss it!

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