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Wir zeigen Ihnen das authentischste Mallorca



Sant Antoni is one of the most important festivities around Mallorca, but the towns that honor it the most it are Artà, Sa Pobla and Manacor. In the streets the preparations are lived with illusion and the festival days are lived with a lot of feeling, joy, fun and traditional shows in which "Sant Antoni" and "El Dimoni" are represented in every corner. "Correfocs, gloses i ximbomba" are the perfect cocktail to liven up the night where families and friends sit around the fire to savour the best parts of the pork (pork loin, botifarró, sobrassada, bacon...) grilled and accompanied by the famous and delicious brown bread. 

The art of the "glosa" is an art that is passed down from generation to generation and which takes on great importance during these festivities. The songs on these dates reveal the eternal dispute between "Sant Antoni" and a "Dimoni" (demon) who did nothing but annoy and who finally saw his intentions frustrated. Perhaps the Mallorcan classic could easily be compared to Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner. 

On the morning of the 17th of January, all the villages are free of traffic and the country animals and pets take to the streets with their humans to be blessed by the parish priest of the church. It is a big party where children and not so children enjoy the spectacle. A morning for the whole family: humans and animals.


The 20th of January is Sant Sebastià, the patron saint of Palma. Taking advantage of the festivities of Sant Antoni, a week full of events is organised in the streets of the city centre. Concerts in each of the main squares, Correfocs, Capgrossos, Gegants, Torrades, Pregones, Es Drac de na Coca, Sant Sebastià Petit, Sant Canut... events for all audiences, all ages, all tastes and at all hours. 

A curiosity? In Palma, Christmas street lights are not taken down until after the festivities to make the most of the beautiful illumination of the city.


We don't want to end this post without leaving you a paragraph of one of the most sung songs:


Sant Antoni i el Dimoni
jugaven a trenta un,
el Dimoni va fer trenta,
Sant Antoni trenta un.
Sant Antoni gloriós,
anomenat de Viana,
enviau-me un jovenet
que vengui de bona gana.

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