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Houm Hotels & Villas: a new season in a family story

This season is one of small big changes for us in Houm Hotels! Even though there are no big renewals or refurbishments, we are doing a lot of work of the kind that isn't noticed. We are very happy and proud to talk about it to you, because it has been a long time in the making… shall we start with our story?

We will leave the very beginnings (almost 40 years ago!) for another day: the building of Marina Plaza Apartments, then adding Son Rigo Apartments, then Hotel Nets and the Villas… and start around 2013, with the creation of the Houm brand.

entrance with our Houm logo

We started to create the idea of "Houm" (pronounced like "home", yes) in 2013. A concept that defined our feelings, our intentions for the kind of space we wanted to offer: a home away from home, where anyone, and specially families, could enjoy a stay in a comfortable, familiar space in the shape of apartments instead of conventional hotel rooms, and at the same time take advantage of everything a hotel can offer: pools, leisure spaces, restaurants, cleaning, and a hospitality of top level.

We worked on the concept for several years, and had several upgrades done to the space of Houm Plaza Son Rigo, including a whole new 5th floor in the main building and our Mediterrace; and went from 3 to 4 stars.

Everything was ready for the next step: a new company, Houm Hotels & Villas SL, owned by the same family but with a newer managing structure, would take the load of daily management of all properties owned by the main family company, and set the starting point to grow into the future. But then, a setback happened… we all know how Covid threw all plans astray.

Yoga sunset

It has taken a while to recover fully… but these last years our hard work and all of you, dear guests, made it possible for us to get back on track, stronger than ever. And this 2024, we felt it was time to continue what we started, and Houm Hotels & Villas is becoming the main company in our family business.

You may ask, what is the change? It is mainly a generational one: the founder Miguel Vidal, and wife Margalida, are giving way to Aina and Isabel, daughters, to take charge of all the business. We have been working in the business full-time more than 15 years now - and, really, all our lives… I can perfectly remember swimming in the pool when I was 7 years old, asking for a sandwich in the bar, and going to see dad in the office and ask him to come with me to the laundry room and smell the clean towels. But let's go back to the story…

It is really a continuation of business as always, and at the same time a new way of doing things. We wanted to include to you, dear guest, in the journey that we are in these days and share our story… We look forward to having the opportunity of showing you all of this hard work, and hope that you will feel, as always, "just like houm" with us.

Aina & Isabel Vidal

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