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Bare Necessities

Food, Mind, Body & Love

“Look for the bare necessities 

The simple bare necessities

Forget about your worries and your strife”

 Years ago we heard and hummed this famous song. It brings back such great memories! But now, more than ever, it makes sense.

 For weeks now, in Europe we have been living a situation that is changing our way of life, our day to day, our way of communicating with people, and making us focus on what really matters: health.

 Now is the time to stay at home, to enjoy the little things, to spend time with family, to do homework with children, to have a glass of wine with our partner while enjoying a Netflix marathon, to play with our pets or to read a book on the balcony at home.

 And when all this passes away... because sooner or later it will pass... what will our life be like? Will we continue to dedicate time to our families, or will the rush to fulfill all the “obligations” return?

 Perhaps, when all this passes away, we would like to remember that:

“I mean the bare necessities

That's why a bear can rest at ease

With just the bare necessities of life”

Song: "Bare Necessities". "The Jungle Book"

Author: Multiple Singers. DISNEY

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