Houm ervaringen

We laten je de meest authentieke Mallorca zien

Houm Events

Nights of clear skies, a sunset with the sea in the background, space for all the guests, some great appetizers, mojitos made by professionals and your favorite music playing in the background.

Houm Events

Family travel

You have been preparing the family holidays for months, and the day before you catch the plane arrives… it’s all nerves!

Traveling with kids


A connection with oneself and with nature: the common denominator of YOGA. 


Healt & Wellness

Every day we hear more frequently these already inseparable two words. Society has undergone a great development over the last few years: just as during the wars and postwar periods the challenge was to survive, now the goal is to live with the highest possible quality of life for many more years of life. 

Health & Wellness

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